Savannah Scribe and Virginia Calligrapher,  Rachel Snyder,  started doing wedding calligraphy and  filling in certificates at 15.  Then at 17 she was asked to do business cards for a local tree service.

She has a passion and love for the art of calligraphy.   She is completely thrilled to get a new ink color or pen! Rachel often attends workshops for calligraphy and other art forms when possible.  Spencerian Script is a favorite and she also specializes in other  pointed pen styles, Italic and simply beautiful handwriting. Actually dipping the pen in ink to achieve such authenticity and beauty.

Hand Lettering is something that is for both modern and traditional events.  It will always add  an “elegant touch”  from the very beginning along with the fact that when something is handwritten it is definitely more personal to the receiver.   Each calligraphic piece is a one of kind piece of art.

There are so many ways to incorporate calligraphy into your event, holiday cards, weddings, showers, etc.  Handwritten calligraphy is something truly authentic…which is something that a computer just doesn’t create.

Take a look around…visit  photo sites and Web sites. Be creative and make your Special Day one to remember by standing out from all the rest!

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